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The Shadow Cascade </SCRIPT>

It's a Boy!

Two new siggies made my me are added.
Dotn forget to tune into Einsten and Edingtion on BBC to catch Daivd Tennant in his new role!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 02/11/08

Site Updates

I have been updating alot on the site, I have added 41 new icons, and also 3 new backgrounds, all made by me. I have updated the Autobiography for both Billie and David. Also, I will be adding some newsens to the site, as I have lots of space!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 25/11/08

It's a Boy!

Congratualtions to Billie and Laurence! Thier son, (Who they named Winston james Fox) was born today!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 21/10/08

New Art

A big thank you too Ashley and Hannah for making some fanarts for the site, you can view them in the Fanart section. I also added some that I made myself. Go check them out!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 26/08/08

David And Billie Interview.

There is a beautiful Interview with both Billie and David on the BBC website, unfortunately, as I was about to write this, I couldn't find it! But Kate sent me the link to the same on on Billie Piper's website. Click Here to read it. Its lovely =] Thank You Kate!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 06/07/08

A Kind Donation

Thanks so much, Cayla, for making us 12 David Tennant Icons. You cxan find them on the graphics page, Then Donations! I will be adding them to the Icon page as soon as I can! Credit to Cayla's Website
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 06/07/08


Make sure you vote for David Tennant and Doctor Who in this years NTA! Sadly, Billie hasn't been nominated, but there's still alot of time for her! VOTE HERE
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 06/07/08


I added over 100 icons in the icon section today! I hope you like, and also some animated sig (But you can find them under Icons!)They are collected from, doctor who, personal pictures, doctor who confidential and photoshoots!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 06/07/08

Journey's End, Doctor Who Finale

I have updated the site alot, see if you can find the changes!
I added 76 icons, and 4 fanarts!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 06/07/08

Journey's End, Doctor Who Finale

I hope you all tuned in and watched it! It was quite a episode! As you have probably guessed, the David Tennant will be carrying on his role as the doctor, but next year (2009) there will be no doctor who, but 4 specials throughout the year. Anyway, hopefully I'll be posting clips and screencaps from Journey's End soon, but here's my favourite part of the Episode:

- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 05/07/08

Episodes now online.

The Last week's episode of Doctor Who, starring Billie and David is online. Click Here
to watch it, courstey of BBC iplayer. I will also add tomorrow's episode, as soon as I Can!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 04/07/08

A Quick Reminder

Don't forget that the series Finale of Doctor Who is on tomorrow night, On BBC1 at the time of 6.40pm. And also it will run for... 65 Minutes! It's going to be amazing!
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 03/07/08

Site up and Running!

Welcome to the Shadow Cascade! A Fansite for Doctor Who, Billie Piper and David Tennant. I am going to publiicise my site as soon as It's 100% Finshed, but as you may see, the BEAUTIFUL layout made by Leila is up, and it was also coding by the fantastic Jen. Hen's Site, (Miss Ashley) is now a permanent Top Affiliate
- Posted By Admin, Ruthii on 03/07/08